Getting Started

Starting Point

Starting PointStarting Point is the first step in getting to know more about First Baptist Church of Easton.  This class is a thirty minute orientation to learn more about the purpose, strategy and environment of FBC Easton.

FBC 101

FBC 101FBC 101 is designed to help integrate visitors and new members into fellowship and the ministries of First Baptist Church of Easton.  The mission of First Baptist Church is to help people to become more like Christ.  This class offers the opportunity to ask questions, learn more about FBC Easton and get involved with small groups and ministry opportunities.  FBC 101 is offered quarterly for four weeks on Sunday mornings.

Baptist Faith and Message

Baptist Faith & MessageBaptists are a people of deep beliefs and cherished doctrines. Throughout our history we have been a confessional people, adopting statements of faith as a witness to our beliefs and a pledge of our faithfulness to the doctrines revealed in Holy Scripture.  This class will help believers better understand the beliefs and doctrines that FBC has adopted and follow.

What Every Christian Ought to Know

What Every Christian Ought to KnowWhat Every Christian Ought to Know will help Christians learn, articulate, and defend their core beliefs about the Bible and the basics of the Christian faith. Sections include How to Know the Bible is the Word of God, How to be Saved and Know It, as well as sections on eternal security, sin, baptism, temptation, the Holy Spirit and God’s Will.