Getting Connected

Connect Point

Connect Point Connect Point is the place where people are connected to Community Groups. These groups are designed for Bible study, accountability, prayer, encouragement, support and ministry. FBC members are encouraged to participate in these groups.

LIFE Groups

Life GroupsLIFE groups are small groups that meet on Sunday mornings during our worship gatherings. These studies are focused more on Bible study and prayer. These groups are also open to new visitors week in and week out.

Community Groups

Community GroupsCommunity Groups are small group environments centered on God’s word where people of all ages connect with others and are equipped for good works. These groups consist of 8-12 people who commit to meet for 18-24 months. Community groups meet for the purpose of prayer, fellowship, ministry, Bible study, accountability and support. These groups typically meet in homes and are scheduled through the week.

Leadership Studies

Leadership StudiesStudies are specific areas provided to equip people for their relationship with Jesus as well as equip those who are called to serve in ministry areas within the church. These settings are ideal for those who are pursuing a teaching or leadership role.